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Synergy 65 kooduu

Synergy  65

€ 189,00
inclusief BTW
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Synergy  65

 Synergy is brilliant for any occasion; an indoor family gathering or a summer evening on the patio, and deliverers high quality audio with a quick and effortless sync to any compatible device. Simply stream music from popular apps and services or songs stored on a smartphone. Synergy is produced in high-end materials with a top grain leather handle and beautifully finished aluminum accessories. Spotify and Air Play compatible.

Model 65
Genuine leather handle Yes
Materials PP/Aluminum
Dimensions 41 cm (Ø) x 71.3 cm (H)
Compartment volume 4.8L
Built-in batteries Yes
Playtime 7 Hours
Speaker amplifier 10W Full range
Bluetooth version 4.1
Maximum version up to 10M